♥dempsey♥ (x_soconfused_x) wrote,

oh kay. so...repeat of last year. no school tomorrow or the next day because our huntsville high is being used as a shelter for hurricane rita. a whole shit load of people from galvasten are come here..like lliterally 81 buses full.

ooooohh today some new orleans girl was all " i hope rita does hit huntsville." i was like bitch were giving you a place to live i dont think you need to be telling us that youwish it would hit us. thats bulshit. i mean when a city gives you a home when you could be living on the streets, you should be extremely greatful its people like her that dont deserve to be getting the shleter and free food..

ps. keely: i dont know where your city is but if its on the coast you better stay safe and if you and ur fam need a place to stay you know my number.
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