♥dempsey♥ (x_soconfused_x) wrote,

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well my birthday was wednesday. it was ok..nothing really but another day.

i guess none of my friends really care. all my friends here called me/pinned money to my shirt. ashley+all here family and menco..those are the only two people who actually rembered.
but thats cool. it kinda got me thinking though for some reason i feel that i will probly have an entire new group of friends when i do eventualy come back home..i think iris is the only one i will hang out with all the time.and probly Zil...funny how things work out. iris was the last person i got real close with and it sucks that it took us so long to relize how much alike we were. but in the end all the people i was close with for 2 or 3 years..for some reason i just dont think we will ever be the same...but i really think its ok..things will be ok.
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